Scientific Computing with Python
Austin, Texas • July 6-12, 2015
Matthias Bussonnier
Jupyter/Ipython, University of California, Berkeley
Matthias is a member of the core IPython/Jupyter developer team. He also works full time for a postdoc on at the University of California, Berkeley. Matthias is working on integrating the notebook front end with real time collaboration tools like Google Drive to allow users to collaboratively edit notebook documents.
James Crist
Graduate Student
University of Minnesota
Jim is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, studying Mechanical Engineering. He is a core contributor to both the SymPy and PyDy projects, and uses these packages in a workflow to do everything from modeling dynamic systems to testing estimation and control algorithms.
Christine Doig-Cardet
Data Scientist
Continuum Analytics
Christine Doig holds a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from UPC, Barcelona. She wrote her Master Thesis on Voltage Stability Analysis at the E.ON Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, RWTH Aachen, Germany. After graduate school, Christine worked in Operations Research as a Process Engineer at Procter&Gamble and afterwards, as a Business Analyst and Consultant at a management consulting firm in the finance sector. She went back to school for a Master's in Data Mining and Business Intelligence before joining Continuum as a Data Scientist. She is an active member in the Python community, participates in several meetups in Austin and is a regular speaker at conferences including PyData and PyCon.
Allen Downey
Professor of Computer Science
Olin College
Allen Downey is a Professor of Computer Science at Olin College and author of Think Python, Think Stats, Think Bayes, Think Complexity, and several other computer science books. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley. He has previously taught at Colby College and Wellesley College, and was a Visiting Scientist at Google, Inc.
Chris Fonnesbeck
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Chris is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN. He specializes in computational statistics, Bayesian methods, meta-analysis, and applied decision analysis. Chris started the PyMC project, a package for Bayesian statistical analysis in Python, and continues as a PyMC developer today. He originally hails from Vancouver, BC and received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.
Jonathan Frederic
Core Developer
IPython/Jupyter and California Polytechnical Institute
Jon is a member of the core IPython/Jupyter developer team. Jon works full time from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo on Jupyter/IPython and related tools, and enjoys spending his spare time writing a video game in Python. He has developed most of the Widget framework.
Matt Harrison
Matt has been using Python since 2000. He has taught at conferences such as PyCon, OSCon, Strata, and more. He has a small consulting company that does Python consulting and Python training.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones has a broad background in engineering and software development and is CEO at Enthought. Prior to co-founding Enthought, Eric worked in the fields of numerical electromagnetics and genetic optimization. He has taught numerous courses about Python and it's use in scientific computing. Eric holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University in Electrical Engineering and a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Baylor University. He also is a member of the Python Software Foundation.
Kelsey Jordahl
Scientific Software Developer
Kelsey is a geophysicist and scientific software developer who works on computational problems and data visualization. He has taught college courses from introductory science classes to graduate level seismology, and currently teaches weeklong python training courses for scientific and financial audiences. He holds a Ph.D. in marine geophysics from the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography.
Kyle Kastner
Graduate Student
Université de Montréal
Kyle is a graduate student at Université de Montréal in the LISA lab. His passion is combining machine learning, signal processing, and statistics to design, perform, and analyze cross-disciplinary scientific experiments.
Joe Kington
Thomas Kluyver
Core Developer
IPython/Jupyter and University of California, Berkeley
Thomas is a member of the core IPython/Jupyter developer team. He works on all parts of the code, but with a particular focus on the core pieces that execute Python code. He also works on an extension for citations in the notebook.
Mike McKerns
UQ Foundation
Mike has been a research scientist at Caltech since 2002, and is co-founder of the UQ Foundation, a non-profit for the advancement of predictive science. Mike is the author several python packages, including mystic (highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification), pathos (parallel graph management and execution in heterogeneous computing), and dill (serialize all of python). His software is the backbone of several research projects on risk analysis and predictive science, and is leveraged by several third-party packages in machine learning and parallel computing.
Jason Moore
Lead Developer
Jason is a lead developer with both the PyDy and SymPy projects. He utilizes both packages to run optimal control algorithms for biomechanical systems, in particular data driven powered prosthetic designs. He is a strong proponent for Open Science and has a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UC Davis.
Andreas Mueller
Assistant Research Scientist
New York University Center for Data Science
Andreas is an Assistant Research Scientist at the NYU Center for Data Science, building a group to work on open source software for data science. Previously he worked as a Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon, working on computer vision and forecasting problems. He is one of the core developers of the scikit-learn machine learning library, and maintained it for several years.
Jonathan Rocher
Scientific Software Developer
Jonathan is a senior Scientific Software Developer at Enthought and uses Pandas and the full Python stack to build custom scientific applications for various industries. He is also an experienced instructor for the “Python for Scientists and Engineers” and “Python for Data Science” classes offered by Enthought. Prior to working at Enthought, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher in particle physics and cosmology at the University of Texas and Brussels University. Jonathan holds a M.S. in physics and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Paris, France.
Benjamin Root
Scientific Programmer
Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc/Matplotlib
Ben Root is a member of the Matplotlib development team. Main areas of development are the documentation and the mplot3d toolkit. Ben is also an active member of the mailing lists and has been using that experience with helping newcomers understand Matplotlib to improve the documentation. Ben is a Meteorology graduate student and works full-time for Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. as a scientific programmer. Part of his responsibilities in this job is to help transition co-workers and fellow scientists over to the Python toolset. Drawing from his teaching experience, He has recently published a book, "Interactive Applications with Matplotlib".
Steven Silvester
Core Developer
Scikit Image
Steve is a core developer on scikit-image. Steve has been using scikit-image for building interactive infrared imagery analysis tools for 3 years.
Kurt Smith
Scientific Software Developer
Kurt has been using Python in scientific computing for nearly ten years, and has developed tools to simplify the integration of performance-oriented languages with Python. He has contributed to the Cython project, implementing the initial version of typed memoryviews and native cython arrays. He uses Cython extensively in his consulting work at Enthought. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate studies he used Python and Cython at every opportunity. Cython was particularly useful when developing high-performance parallel simulations of plasma turbulence for his doctoral research. Dr. Smith recently authored a book on Cython with O'Reilly and he has also trained hundreds of scientists, engineers, and researchers in Python, NumPy, Cython, and parallel and high-performance computing as part of Enthought's extensive on-site and on-line Python training
Stéfan van der Walt
Assistant Researcher
University of California, Berkeley
Stefan van der Walt is an assistant researcher at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and a senior lecturer in applied mathematics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has been an active member of the scientific Python community since 2006, and frequently teaches Python at workshops and conferences. He is the founder of scikit-image and a contributor to numpy, scipy and dipy.
Joshua Warner
Core Developer
Scikit Image/Mayo Clinic
Josh is a core developer on scikit-image. He recently defended his Ph.D. in medical image analysis, and has presented his research in podium and poster format over 30 times. Josh has been closely involved in the development of `scikit-image` for the last 3 years.